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DNG #31: Triathlon packing checklist

It’s been a quiet few days here, but IRL it’s been a little more busy trying to get last-minute things sorted before the race that’s happening …. in 3 DAYS!? Where did the time go…??

Typing this at Changi Airport, waiting for my flight to Ho Chi Minh city, where I connect to DANANG!

20+++kg of gear

I’m usually one to travel light, so the logistics of a triathlon are a bit overwhelming. The bike alone, I had to have help from Coach Mike to break down and get it inside the huge-a$$ box (another courtesy clearance sale from Aylwin!).

Anyway, put together a list for future reference derived from an even longer one that Aylwin shared. It’s a long list… and there would have been even more stuff had this race been in a temperate region! *shudder*

Race day
– Tri top
– Tri bottom
– sunblock
– watch
– transition bag
– 3x bottles
– 10x gels
– electrolyte tablets
– goggles
– vaseline
– speedsuit
– towel
– race number belt
– bike
– 2x wheels
– seat post + seat
– helmet
– bike shoes
– bike lights
– lubricant
– running shoes
– socks
– visor
– sunglasses
– towel

– Passport!
– mobile phone
– SIM card(s)
– $$$, credit card(s)
– charging cables
– bike pump
– electrical tape
– camera
– slippers
– moisturiser
– shampoo/conditioner/soap
– toothbrush+toothpaste
– X sets of clothes & underwear
– jacket
– contact lenses / spectacles
– entertainment (music, headphones, speakers, laptop)
– tools (allen keys!)
– rags

Ok… Time to board.