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DNG #27: Aero Hairo

In a sport that gets you soaked in brine, marinated in a helmet, and then scorched by the sun, your hair can take quite a beating. And having long, luscious locks of hair will get in the way during transition.

Fabio probably hasn't done much triathloning

Hence, my quest for a hairdo that would not get stuck under my goggles and let water in (ouchh), nor stick out of my helmet like some misplaced tuft.

Not quite triathlon gear, but you get the idea

Some of you might be saying, “Just cut it all off!” While that may be more aerodynamic, it exposes your sensitive scalp to sun damage, and I hear you can get sunburnt quite easily up top. (real reason: my strange, misshapened noggin!)

So here’s me 2 haircuts ago, and as of latest haircut. Sorry, missed the one of me looking like a beaver in between.

2 months ago, 1 month ago, current

Much less maintenance required!