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DNG #5: Wicked Wednesdays

The toughest weekday for me, is Wednesday. This is where I’ve been scheduled to do a long run 60-90 min, and do a swim session in the evening.

Because I’m really not a morning person, I used to do the run after the evening swim, like a really long brick session. Coach said I should be spacing out my training though, so what’s the next best thing? Lunchtime runs.

If you’re familiar with singapore weather, you know that presents another type of challenge –  the heat and humidity.

Still, I think it’s good to get a sense of how hot this are likely to get in Danang during the run leg.


Because it’s in the middle of the day, I’m running from the office, which is in the heart of the city. Today’s run was slightly different though. Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s  wake at Parliament House was on, and something like 300,000 were lining up across the city in snaking queues to pay their respects.


And here I was running around and between them. Apparently some queued for 8 hours. Now those are the real ironmen/ironwomen. I was cooked after my 1hr 25 min today.

it was HOT!
A small section of the longest queue I’ve seen

It felt rather surreal, and I became hypersensitive to my surroundings, suddenly aware that the man they were all queueing up to see had something to do with almost everything I was running over, under, past, between, opposite and through. Gardens by the bay, Marina Barrage, the central business district…



DNG #3: LKY… the triathlete

We interrupt my series of training day reports with this special post to commemorate the passing of a great man. No, Mr Lee Kuan Yew never took part in a triathlon, at least none that were formally recorded.


But the man did mention that he swam daily, there are photos of him running with his security detail, and he mentions cycling from time to time.


Perhaps he would have kicked ass if he did take up triathlon.


After all he kicked ass in everything else he did.


Thank you for everything. Maybe you can take part in the great tri in the sky. Think you’ll like it.