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DNG #28: Washout

Looks like it’s coming to that time of the year when the weather decides to change its mind as to whether it’s going to be sunny, rainy, or something in between. Today, it decided to bring on a light and sound show, a.k.a. Thunder and lightning.

This is all fine and dandy if you’re sleeping in. When you’re out doing a race simulation, like swimming in the sea, flashes of lightning on the horizon are quite disconcerting.

Hence, our session got abruptly shortened.


Good thing about the cycling bit is that we have trainers at Mana Mana that allow us to mount our bikes, so essentially you have a stationary bike. Just like the gym. Bad thing is, it’s just like the gym. Pedal, pedal, pedal… You go nowhere.


On the bright side, you have more time to chat with team mates who normally are too fast to catch, or have no breath to say anything by the time you catch up with them. Always good to have some time for team bonding.


Nice to see Natalie back in training after a nasty fall at Macritchie some time back, and taking on a new job soon after. She and her husband Chris are quite a hoot with their “friendly”  competitions.


Ok. Off to lunch now…!