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Synch Strava with Google Calendar

If you schedule your life via Google Calendar, and track your training via Strava, it makes some sense to have your Strava feed integrated into Google Calendar to have an all-in-one view.

Just found a neat way to do it via StravICAL.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.06.26 PM

In summary, you give it access to your Strava account and it generates an iCal feed that you can add to your Google Calendar account. Follow the fairly idiot-proof instructions and you’ll have your Strava activities showing up in your Google Calendar.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 1.13.34 PM.png
Strava activities prefaced with [Ride], [Run]…
You’re welcome!

**UPDATE 12 Feb ’16: 2 new Strava activities today didn’t get synched to Google Calendar. Not sure why. 😦

UPDATE #2: Found this link that suggests adding “?nocache” at the end of the link that Stravical generates. Google Calendar seems to like caching your data, so new events don’t show! Anyway, issue now seems to have been fixed. 🙂

UPDATE #3: Bug is back. New events aren’t showing up. 😦 Suggestions, anyone?**


DNG #23: Drawing the lines

One of the consequences of being involved in triathlon is the tanlines. Despite training being mostly in the evenings, the 2 weekend sessions are enough to do some roasting. Here’s the evidence.

Weekend roasts

You may be able to observe a
gradient of “done-ness”, from rare (top) to medium-well (bottom). I expect Danang to deliver “well done” to overcooked.

As one of my expat team mates mentioned, “You’re ang mor under there!” And so, I’ve bought myself some speedos.  :p

DNG #21: A day in the life of…

Sorry for the hiatus, folks. It’s been a trying time. I know I’m quite far behind now, but I’ve also got quite a few half written posts in the drafts folder so you might start seeing a few double header days soon…

Anyway, one of the questions I’ve been getting a lot of is “what training is like?”, and “do you train every day”. To answer these questions, here’s what a week typically looks like:

Monday: 75 min swim
Tuesday: Turbo Trainer class
Wednesday: 90 min lunchtime run*, 75 min swim
Thursday: Morning bike ride on Mount Faber
Friday: spare day* / off day
Saturday: Macritchie run
Sunday: Long bike ride (about 100km)

All the sessions, with the exception of the ones with the asterisk*, are group sessions. This means you don’t suffer alone. And if you’re feeling up to it, have some other people to compete against.

Rodrigo (faking heart attack) horsing around after another Macritchie run

This is really important because you’ll be amazed how much harder you can push yourself when there are others around you pushing as hard, if not harder.

And there are the coaches – Mike and Scott – too. They spot mistakes, and show you how to improve. Not something that watching YouTube videos will do!